one piece flow - auto production capability

• Fulltech setup our automation team in 2017

• Fulltech Fulltech with our own know how & built a whole automation production line : from diecasting -> trimming  -> deburring -> threaded holes machining ->CNC milling-> cleaning –> chemical  conversion -> powder coating  -> RF connector assembly assembly at site in our diecasting floor shop with following advantages 

1) shorter leading shorter leading  time : from previous 2 weeks to days.

2) More consistent good   quality :yield rateraterateratefrom from 93% improved  to 98.5%

3) Less manpower  :reduced more than 100%-200% manpower.

4) Reduced 3 time building space & much less stock in production process.

5) Reduced the mess production cost make our part price more competitive in pricing.

• Fulltech applied more one  -pc -flow in our diecasting flow  shop to strengthen our competence, not only in  reducing production cost but also to improve the  casting quality & yield rate.